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By December 27, 2015
Best AI Start- up Success Story: In such a fast paced eco-system; start-ups are emerging daily with fantastic innovations and technological break-throughs across a range of AI technologies. The Best AI Start-up award focuses on the business itself as well as the technology and is designed to raise the profile of those leading the field in both technology, product market fit, and scale-up potential.
Best Intelligent Assistant Innovation: Virtual assistants and advanced voice/text recognition capabilities are changing the Enterprise landscape at an exponential rate. They can enable greater productivity, accuracy, and even a more personal ‘human’ touch to communications which otherwise would not get the desired attention. This award showcases the brilliance in the recent advancements in the space.
Best AI innovator: Are you at the front-end of innovation in Artificial Intelligence? Have you developed a solution that is so ground-breaking that other companies talk about? Is your organisation constantly striving to advance AI, investing significantly in R&D? Then this is the right category to showcase your market-leading work and help you stand out in an industry where innovation is a prerequisite for success.
Best Innovation in NLP: As many businesses look toward productivity and automation of roles and tasks, Natural Language Processing sits at the heart of the opportunity. Whether specifically focused on ‘understanding’, ‘generating’, or the end-to-end process itself – there is a great amount of potential for Enterprises to adopt NLP into their organization, and this award champions the providers at the head of the curve.
Best Enterprise Application of AI: AI is revolutionising business productivity & efficiency across all industries. While only at the beginning of what is a wholly transformative journey, a significant number of practical AI applications are already available to enterprises across the globe. This flagship award category recognizes the industry leaders putting forward the most comprehensive and effective solutions to the market – across any industry. Take the stage and show the world’s leading enterprises how AI will make them better in the future!
Best Innovation in Deep Learning: Is your business a pioneer in Deep Learning, helping to drive machine learning applications toward the true potential of AI? Deep Learning is recognised as one of the key pillars for advancing practical AI and is enabling exponential development of applications for real world businesses, in analysing data across image, text, and sound. This is your opportunity to highlight how, and why you’re the driving force behind the opportunity it present.

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