1. Select one or more categories to enter
  2. Read each category description carefully, at
  3. Ensure entries are aligned to the relevant category
  4. Select your category and follow the entry guidelines
  5. Upload your supporting documents by sending them to
  6. Remember, your project can be entered into multiple categories, as long it meets the entry criteria
  7. Please ensure you leave sufficient time to complete the process, no later than August 21, 2019
  8. Save the day for the Awards Ceremony – and book any extra tickets required
  9. Once complete, you’re in the countdown until the shortlist is announced


  1. Keep it simple : Be clear and specific, with a concisely explained entry. Include some background and outline your objectives and strategy. Provide examples and focus on a tangible case study approach
  2. Stick to the word count : Keep your entry within the word count (bullet points can help) and don’t include too much extra literature. Judges have to be fair to all entries, so content above the word count will be excluded
  3. Include relevant supporting material only if needed : You are encouraged to provide evidence fitting the criteria through supporting documents, to help your entry only if necessary. Try and explain it in the allocated answer section
  4. Select your category and follow the entry guidelines
  5. Consider multiple categories : Take a look at the other categories your entry could be relevant to. As long as it meets the criteria, you can adapt your entry for additional categories and create more chances to win an award. If you decide to enter more categories, tailor your entries – don’t just copy and paste the same content
  6. Be passionate : Ask someone objective to read your entry. If they aren’t impressed, our judges probably won’t be either. Explain why you are passionate about your entry and why people should care about it. Provide context so the judges can understand the scale of what you have achieved
  7. Start early : Give yourself the time to do your entry justice, with a really solid submission. Don’t leave it too late and be forced to rush something – start now, so you can deliver by the August 21, 2019 entry deadline



  1. The entry form must be completed using the online form. Only fully completed entry forms will be accepted.
  2. Each entry costs $99; there is a discount of 25% for 3 or more entries. Payment will be accepted by invoice, which will be sent to the email you applied with approximately 24 hours after you have submitted.
  3. All entrant companies need to email the high res company logo to as well as any supplementary material.
  4. All entries must be submitted online by August 21 2019, 23:59 GMT when entries will be closed.
  5. Supporting evidence or documents must be emailed to No additional supporting evidence for your entry such as pictures, videos, powerpoint presentations, product brochures will be accepted 24 hours after the entry form has been submitted, apart from your logos which must be supplied in jpeg and a high resolution print format (preferably .eps). Please ensure any supporting evidence is relevant.
  6. The Entry Form and your logos represent the full and entire Official Entry. No further information is required. Attempts to further influence the judges by any means outside of, or in addition to, the Official Entry may result in disqualification.
  7. On receipt of your entry, the awards administrators will confirm its arrival via email. If you do not obtain such a receipt within 3 days, it is your responsibility to contact us to confirm its arrival. Unless you have this written or verbal confirmation from us, we cannot guarantee the arrival of your entry. Please direct any enquiries to
  8. It is essential that we can contact you easily with questions regarding your entry, or judging enquiries and requests for further information. Therefore, please provide us with an awards liaison representative who can take these enquiries. You must provide their full contact details on the entry form.



  1. Up to 6 companies will be shortlisted in each category and the shortlists will be published upto two weeks before the Awards. The winners will be announced during the Awards Ceremony at The Palace Hotel on September 24 2019.
  2. Shortlisted companies will:
    1. Be featured on and websites.
    2. Be featured in the AIconics Awards press release
    3. Receive the right to use “Shortlisted The AIconics Awards” iconography (provided by on their own promotional materials, including print, emails and websites.
    4. Have the opportunity to purchase advertising to support their shortlisting on the website and in printed collateral
    5. Have the opportunity to interview with the event’s media partners, including
  3. will publish details of the shortlisted entrants, and category winners, including profiles of their projects/technologies/services etc using information taken from the entry form. We will not reveal the names of those companies/individuals who are not shortlisted.



The Winners will be announced during The AIconics Awards Ceremony on September 24 2019 and not before, and in the Winners Press Release announced the following day.

Winners will:

  1. Receive a Winners photo of the presentation of the Awards
  2. Be included in The AIconics Winners press release
  3. Be featured on The AIconics Winners website
  4. Receive a full dedicated & ‘feature’ interview on the homepage
  5. Have follow-up access to all attending press & media of The AI Summit
  6. Be featured in The AIconics Winner HTML posted to the full 20,000 strong mailing list
  7. Be able to use “Winners of The AIconics” logo and icon on their own promotional materials